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Choosing Your Neighborhood – 3 Steps to Success

posted by: Teddi Segal in Uncategorized

We’re all looking for the perfect neighborhood to live in. Take note of these three suggestions to help you dial down to creating a location strategy.  (or what is really important to you.)

  1. Always check out the school zone!
    When checking out a neighborhood, pay attention to what school zone your potential home is in. Doesn’t matter whether or not you have kids…school zones can play a huge factor in the resale value of your home later on. If the school zone isn’t sought after, it can lead to issues when you when you’re ready to sell. Click here for the Baltimore City School Zone locator!
  2. Examine the tax records.
    As a broker, I always give my clients a copy of the tax record and review it with them.  It gives tons of information that can be very helpful in creating an offer strategy. You’ll verify taxes, ground rent, prior sales price, size of the lot, zoning… tons of great data! You will feel prepared and in the know! Click here to search Baltimore City Property Tax records.
  3. Search crime statistics.
    While nearly every city has crime, it’s good to be aware of what’s happening in your neighborhood. Most neighborhoods have community meetings and/or websites and it’s a great idea to attend those too.  Click here to find the district, as a start!

Finally, make a list of what the deal breakers are, and what the negotiable items are.  Then you will really know where you will feel most comfortable investing and living in.