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Where to Shop Now: Top Boutiques in Old Town Alexandria

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Shopping in Old Town Alexandria is pure joy. Walking down the brick-paved streets, you’ll see neighborhood boutiques ranging from antique to sleek—and always unique. These independently owned shops are the pride of Old Town, giving it a vibe that honors quality and celebrates originality. Wherever you live in Alexandria, make Old Town a frequent stop for finding and expressing your signature style. We promise, you will be dazzled!

Fashion finds from exclusive designs to high-end labels.

Exclusive labels, unique finds, and unparalleled quality—Old Town Alexandria’s apparel boutiques offer all this and more. Take TSALT, for example, where founder and CEO Tamara Saltonstall makes private-label styles which she sells alongside other sophisticated brands that embody her fashion vision. TSALT embraces each unique shopper, offering free alterations and perfectly tailoring the shopping experience to the customer.

Vintage everything head to toe and floor to ceiling.

When talking about vintage hot spots in Alexandria, you have to mention Elinor Coleman’s Vintage Mirage. This boutique is for those who believe that they belong to the glamorous eras of old. Elinor Coleman’s Vintage Mirage carries handcrafted clothing and accessories that reflect beloved styles from the turn of the 20th century to modern times.

If you love antique and estate jewelry (the way we do!) then stop by The Antique Guild, which carries authentic pieces that date back to the Victorian period. Vintage finds in Old Town are not just restricted to clothing, however. At Acme Mid-Century + Modern you will find a delightful and constantly renewed array of vintage and modern furniture to dress your house in unique charm. 

Artisinal foods for every taste.

Get a taste of the full spectrum of fine olive oils and balsamic vinegar at the Olio Tasting Room, which was designed to give each customer a robust tasting experience. Once a favorite is chosen, the patrons will bottle and cork your favorite oil or vinegar in front of you. For the home chef, The Spice & Tea Exchange of Alexandria carries a plethora of hard-to-find spices and teas that will make your next dish bold, flavorful, and aromatic.

Home decor that delivers a statement.

One of the many home decor stops in Alexandria is Red Barn Mercantile, located in the heart of Old Town. This boutique offers almost everything a home needs to look absolutely fabulous like accent pillows, bookends, and Turkish cotton throws. When St. George Gallery opened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1991, it was the first art gallery in the city. Proof positive of the unique nature of Old Town’s boutiques? St. George Gallery brought their second location to Old Town. This place is a must for sourcing Ethiopian furniture, textiles, antiques, and accessories.

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